Is Your Medication Changing Your Hair Color?…. Possibly!

Millions of men and women who must take prescription drugs or medicines to treat medical conditions find that their hair suddenly starts to change color, or that hair dyes that were used in the past fail to produce the same results post-medication as they did before medication. From fading to ending up with totally unexpected results after a dye job, the experience can be startling and a bit embarrassing. Knowledge about the connection between hair color and medicine is the key to understanding what you can and can’t do with your hair when on certain medications.

Changes in Hair Color
1. Many antibiotics such as doxycycline may cause a slight fading of hair color, or cause certain portions of hair to turn a different shade. Thyroid medications may cause a darkening of the hair. Chemotherapy drugs may also affect coloring. Texture and thickness may also be affected. Discuss such possibilities with your physician so you aren’t surprised by sudden changes, and discuss these changes with your hairstylist as well to determine your best course of action. Adverse drug reactions may also be caused by allergic reactions to a drug that cause changes in hair color.

Causes of Hair Color Change
2. Some medical conditions such as heart failure, high blood pressure and pulmonary conditions that require individuals to take blood thinners or diuretics may also lead to changes in hair color. Hemodialysis can cause a lightening of hair in individuals treated with heptaminol because the methods by which color is deposited into cells and hair fibers is interrupted or slowed because of metabolic and biochemical changes in the body. This change may not only affect head hair but body hair as well as eyebrows, eyelashes, mustaches and beards.

Dealing with Changes
3. In some cases, a professional salon dye job may alleviate the problem temporarily, but many individuals find that some color dyes just don’t “take.” In such cases, the individual may have to be patient and wait until drug treatments have completed their course. Talk to your doctor about possible side effects and reactions to specific drugs, and discuss options with health-care providers and professional hair experts for optimal solutions.

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How to Create a Fun and Messy Chignon

Whether you’re running late or have last minute dinner plans, this look is perfect and easy!

The steps are easy. All you will need is a teasing brush or finetooth comb, bobby pins, elastic bands, and hairspray..duh!

Step 1- After creating a deep side part, sweep all of your hair into an elastic either on the side or low center. (It’s okay if your hair is straight or curly, it just creates a different look)

Step 2- Lightly backcomb your hair to add body and provide padding for the bobby pins.

Step3- Twist hair around elastic; remember messy is good so it doesn’t need to be perfect!

Step 4- Secure the hair with bobby pins

Step 5- Spray with Control Force and go have fun!!!

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Oh, For the Love of Blondes…Keep it Looking Fresh!


One trick to keep your blonde looking fresh no matter what hue, is to use color shampoos and conditioners. This is the easiest way to maintain your color or highlights at home. Aveda makes two different lines for blondes: Blue Malva and Camomile. Both are very different so listen carefully!!

Blue Malva enhances blonde hair by cancelling out any brassy tones. For instance, if you have naturally dark hair like Jennifer Lopez, this is your savior! Darker hair usually lifts no further that yellow, in some cases orange. The purplish pigment in both shampoo and conditioner help keep it from looking unfinished after your toner has faded. Blue Malva also helps to keep lighter shades of blonde looking neutral (see Colbie Caillats picture above). If you’re googoo for Gaga, Blue Malva will keep your platinum from yellowing.

Uses: My trick is the darker the blonde the more often you can use. Also, only use one or the other. The shampoo has less pigment than the conditioner. Basically, if you’re platinum and shampooing every other day, use the shampoo once a week. When I am highlighted I use it everyday since my hair is so dark.

Camomile enhances blondes by adding golden hues as well as adding shine. If you’re looking for Kate Hudson’s beautiful color, then you’ll want to pick this up.

Uses: Again, only use the shampoo or conditioner. I never recommend this for naturally darker haired clients because you’re hair most likely already has a golden hue to it. In general, Camomile is much more potent, so i recommend using it only once every two weeks.

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Mac Viva Glam Featuring Lady Gaga

A little weird but expected since its Lady Gaga… promoting Mac Viva Glam’s new lipstick line featuring nude colors. Proceeds benefit the Mac Aids Fund so if you LOVE nude lips like us this would be a nice way to donate. Check the archives for tips on how to create a look for your eyes that would go great with a nude lip!

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The Classic Nude Eye

This is an absolute favorite that we use almost everyday! Its simple, bold and emphasizes the shape of any eye.  For a day to night look try some bright red lips and matching accessories… get ready to turn heads! 

Stay tuned for tips on how to apply the PERFECT red lip and pull this whole look together in no time at all.

Author: Jackie Rodriguez

The Power of Confidence

I am a very firm believer in this and thought it might serve as some inspiration, read on….

In order to become rich by using the Law of Attraction, you have to put yourself into a vibrational and emotional state in which you attract situations where money comes to you in large quantities. So how can you do this?

Probably the most important thing you need to have in your emotional make-up is confidence. Confidence is a powerful driver for success using the Law of Attraction.

You need to have confidence that you will become, indeed you already are, wealthy. You already have far more than you will ever need. But, you may say, if I am wealthy, why don’t I see any money?

Let’s look at how the Law of Attraction works. When you ask the universe for something, the universe says yes to your request, and from that moment the fulfillment of your desire is on its way to you. This means that you already have it, even if you don’t see it yet. The moment you ask for substantial sums of money to come into your life, in that moment the money is waiting for you to receive it. After that, the only thing you need to do is to have confidence that you already have it.

Let’s look at the real meaning of the word “confidence.” Having confidence literally means “having faith with” and so we see that confidence comes from having faith in the universe to bring you your desires, and trusting that they will arrive and manifest themselves into your experience. If you don’t have trust in the universe, if you believe the universe will let you down, then that is what you will attract.

This happens because the universe does not always bring you what you want, but it always brings you what you are in vibrational alignment with. If you don’t have confidence in the universe, that is, if you don’t trust the universe, you will introduce resistance which will push the things you wish for away from you, and hold them away from you, maybe for an indefinite time.

So you need to have the confidence and sense of self-assurance of a wealthy person, before you see the money. When you do this, you will soon begin to see its effect on other people. They will behave differently toward to, they will believe you are a wealthy person, and treat you as such, even if you have no money at all. But the opinions of other people are of no importance here. What matters is how you yourself feel. Believe yourself to be a wealthy person, and before too long, that is what you will be. The universe has to give you this, because that is how the Law of Attraction works.

Go to Attraction Hints at to find out more about the Law of Attraction, and discover how you can use it to help you achieve anything you want.

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New York Fashion Week With Aveda

We absolutely LOVE this concept! The entire look is sophisticated and clean with a suprising, edgy, and sexy twist. The sleek pulled back hair allows the smokey eye to really stand out, and the gold tipped hair is some added fun! This look is very much ready to wear (gold leaf opptional) so take notes and use some of our previous “how to” videos to help recreate this look for a night out!

Blogger: Jackie Rodriguez

Grammy Hair Color Faves!

From natural to fashion forward here’s my favorite hair color from this year’s Grammy’s:

Keri Hilson:

Dramatic and daring, this hair is amazing! This is fashion forward perfection. The precise asymmetric cut’s proportions are so well balanced. The color is wicked cool. The brilliant blonde is even better with the offset of a warm brown backdrop underneath. Love!

Florence Welch:

Red hair always seems to have a special place in my heart and while the style is questionable, the color is spot on beautiful. The tone is natural, but the vibrancy of it gives her an edge.

Kim Kardashian:

The girls’ hair always looks great, but she’s added some piece-y honey brown highlights and I’m loving it. The contrast between her highlights and base is subtle, yet the size of them gives a dramatic overall effect.

Draw some inspiration from these girls and revamp your do!

Author: Brooke Bielefeldt

Be Nice To Your Skin

All women crave for a perfect skin condition. As a result, most of them resort to all kinds of means such as regular beauty salon visits or purchasing high-priced cosmetics, to get a shiny and even skin. It turns out that most conventional skincare treatments are full of chemicals, perfume, alcohol and preservatives that may harm your skin in the end. On the other hand, organic skincare products are soft on the skin and they are safe. Thus, there are many advantages of turning to organic skincare methods. This article considers some of them.

Regular exercises. Stress is one of the major causes of poor skin condition, especially acne. Regular exercise are a great means of combating stress. Therefore, they are the first and foremost step in natural and organic skincare. Moreover, performing physical exercises on a daily basis gives an incomparable freshness to the skin because more and more oxygen is generated in the organism. They help strengthen your immune system which becomes better at cleaning the body of dead cells and replacing them with newly generated clean ones. As a result, the skin is cleaned of dead cells from every part of the body making it look shining and healthy. Also exercising yoga can have a great effect on the whole body improving the way your skin looks.

Topical appliances. To get a fresh and shiny skin it’s important to keep it always clean, toned and moisturized. Thus, you should undertake cleansing, toning and moisturizing on a regular basis. Rub your skin with baking soda being in the shower. Put egg yolk mixed with honey on the skin, leave it on for twenty minutes, and wash it off. This is great for tender skin. Use olive oil in order to moisturize your skin. Make use of dry brush exfoliation in the morning prior to taking a bath or shower. This will help you eliminates the dead skin from your body and improve the blood circulation. Avocados are a great treatment for dry skin. Just mash it and out on your face. Wash it off after twenty minutes.

Healthy nutrition. One of the most important organic skincare tips is to stick to a well balanced diet. The food consumed should be hygienical so that it doesn’t trouble the regular body function and add up to it instead of taking away from it. To get a smooth skin, it is necessary that you include some of the fish, fruits and vegetables, olive oil and flaxseed, which are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Calcium rich foods like yogurt and milk that are high in vitamin A make the skin great too. Try to avoid high carbohydrate rich products such as cakes, cookies, potatoes, jams, sweet potatoes and syrups. All of them can cause poor skin condition and presence of excessive in your body. Avoid sugar by all means, or eat them in very limited amounts.

Sufficient amount of water. The most affordable way to keep your skin healthy is to drink much water every day. Drinking about two gallons (up to 10 glasses of water) a day has a refreshing effect upon the skin. Water improves the digestive system preventing such skin disorders as boils, which usually occur due to stomach problems. Water moisturizes the skin and prevents development of lines or wrinkles on it.

If you like this article then organic skincare is probably your way.

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