New Trend! Hair Flair: Chic or Cheesy?

There’s a new hair trend in town: Hair flairs. Or Hair Flares. Depending on who you ask.

Tiny stands of tinsel woven are into your hair, taking “high lights” to a new level. The tinsel comes in a whole range of colors and lasts about two or more weeks, even through showering, blow drying and curling your hair.

Hair flairs could actually be a kind of genius way to color your hair in pregnancy. They’re cheap– going at about $10 for a hundred strands– and the application involves no bleach or dyes. But are they tacky?

Beyonce sported the look at the Grammy’s this year thus catapulting the trend into the limelight, but she’s not the only one. Whitney Port, Ke$ha, and Adrienne Maloof have also been seen with these sparkly highlights.

So what do you think: Would you ever wear hair flairs? We think it could be cute for Valentines Day.

Blogger: Jess Alvarez

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