Grammy Hair Color Faves!

From natural to fashion forward here’s my favorite hair color from this year’s Grammy’s:

Keri Hilson:

Dramatic and daring, this hair is amazing! This is fashion forward perfection. The precise asymmetric cut’s proportions are so well balanced. The color is wicked cool. The brilliant blonde is even better with the offset of a warm brown backdrop underneath. Love!

Florence Welch:

Red hair always seems to have a special place in my heart and while the style is questionable, the color is spot on beautiful. The tone is natural, but the vibrancy of it gives her an edge.

Kim Kardashian:

The girls’ hair always looks great, but she’s added some piece-y honey brown highlights and I’m loving it. The contrast between her highlights and base is subtle, yet the size of them gives a dramatic overall effect.

Draw some inspiration from these girls and revamp your do!

Author: Brooke Bielefeldt

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