Nail Trend!!!

Going creative with our nails has definitely been IN this year and we’re loving it! From the no chip Shellac craze, to bright neons, to multi colored nails, being bold and different is the main theme here (check the archives for more nail trends).  Now to add a few tricks to your bag try these, Sally Hansen Nail Strips… no time for a manicure? No worries, just press and go! They come in a great variety of colors, patterns, and prints which you could find in the beauty department of your local grocery store.  Your sure to find a match that fits your personality.  Enjoy!


Easy Breazy Beachy Waves!!

Heres a quick alternative to your usual curls. Whether you have a regular curling iron or the new Curling Wand, there is no need for clamping any more. Just wrap a 2-3 inch section of hair around your iron, count to 3, and let go. When done with full head of hair, shake, tossel, and admire those sexy waves!!

Author: Jaymee Moreno

Go To War With Humidity and WIN!!

With Aveda’s Smooth Infusion line you can expect that style to last throughout the day without worrying about the affects of humidity. These products truly do what they promise and im sure after giving it a try you too will become a believer. The Smooth Infusion line includes a daily Shampoo and Conditioner, a Style Prep Smoother, and Glossing Straightner. The Shampoo and Conditioner smooths, softens and moisturizes to reduce frizz. Style Prep Smoother contains Organic tapioca which defends against humidity for up to 12 hours
and Hydrolized wheat protein which protects against surface damage from heat styling. Last is the Glossing Straightner, a personal favorite, contains Natural cellulose that delivers long-lasting hold—to maintain a straight style all day. Also leaves hair super shiney and frizz free all day!

Now that you have the weapons to combat humidity, use them wisely and ENJOY!

Bloggers: Jackie Rodriguez and Rebekah Salazar

How to Fill in Your Brows… IMPORTANT INFO

I am a strong believer in what a full and shapely brow can do for a person! Read on for these great tips!

According to makeup experts, including Bobbi Brown in her book, “Beauty,” almost every woman needs to fill in her brows as part of her normal beauty routine. Bobbi’s claims are backed up by the editors of Allure’s “Confessions of a Beauty Editor,” who state that makeup artist Dick Page once informed them he’d never seen a model who didn’t need her brows filled in. This was news to me because of all the things I do to go out, including highlighter above the brows and mascara primer (good golly, I know), filling in my brows was not something I have done, well much. Guess that’s gonna change.

If like most women, you were born with sparse brows or simply went too far with the tweezers, there is a fix to filling in your eyebrows. All it takes is a pencil, powder, and an angled brush or a clean mascara brush.

Pick a Pencil and Powder Shade
Pencils and powders tend to stick to skin, not to hair, so if you don’t have a lot of hair you’ll want to shade in the skin where hair should grow.
Select a soft pencil (hard pencils tend to be too waxy) which is a shade lighter than your brows and a powder which matches the color of brows. If brows are super fair, choose a pencil that’s a shade darker than brows.

Prep the Brows
First, comb out brows with a clean mascara wand. Examine brows for any sparse spots.
Fill in With Pencil
Use the pencil to fill in the sparse spots with short, feathery strokes. Apply in the direction of hair growth. The key here is not to create a definite line, but to create the appearance of hair. Be careful not to pencil in the entire brow, which will result in an unnatural look.
Your pencil should be super soft so it goes on with little exertion. But if you have a pencil that’s too hard, warm the tip up by rubbing it between your fingers.
Follow With Eyeshadow or Brow Powder
Dip an angled brush or a clean mascara wand in eyeshadow. Brush the powder along the brows. It should stick to the pencil, while also acting to blend in the color perfectly. For more staying powder, dampen the brush slightly before dipping it into color.

Two Colors Instead of One?
You can try two colors when filling in brows: A light powder where brows are thickest and a darker shade for the tail ends.

Set Brows
To keep brows in place, spritz hairspray on your finger and brush onto the brow.

Uh-oh, Overplucked?
If you’ve overplucked, it will take a few months to a couple years for hair to grow back.

Condition Brows
Conditioning your brows with castor oil is a great way to keep brows healthy and looking great, according to Rami Gafni in the September 2005 issue of Instyle Magazine. Gafni uses a clean mascara wand to apply the castor oil.

The Shape of Brows
Fuller brows are preferable to skinny ones. Have eyebrows shaped by a pro every four weeks. Use a good tweezer (Tweezerman is our hands-down favorite), to clean up the hairline in between visits.

Rogaine Can Help
If your brows don’t grow fast enough, consider Women’s Rogaine or men’s extra-strength Rogaine applied to the sparse areas with a Q-Tip. According to the September, 2006, issue of Allure, experts recommend applying twice a day for four months. But do a test patch first on your inner wrist to make sure you don’t get a rash. Check the patch after a day.

Some products we hear great things about:
Revlon Brow Fantasy pencil and gel ($7.50 at any drugstore)
Cover Girl Natural Lash and Brow Mascara (purchase at drugstores)
Sephora eyebrow brush (at any Sephora stores).
MAC brow set (this colored gel is $12 at any MAC counter)
Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper (Bobbi Brown counters at department stores).
DiorShow Brow & Liner Brush (
Cle de Peau Beaute eyebrow palette ($65 at select department stores)

Blogger: Jackie Rodriguez

Folawn’s Will Miss You Haley…

The Spa @ Folawn’s would like to congratulate and say goodbye to our stylist Haley. Haley will be leaving Folawn’s to prepare for her wedding, and travel with her new husband! We want to thank her for being such a bright light here at Folawn’s, and wish her the best of luck. She will be suggesting other Folawn’s stylist for her guests. An appointment consultant will be contacting all of Haley’s guests to reschedule their future reservations.

Listen Up Men! We Look at Your Hair Too

Men always have such direct and strong opinions as to what they would like their significant others hair to look like.  As a stylist i see how important this is to wives, fiances and girlfriends everyday.  Well you know what guys? We have our opinions too!  Here’s a few things to consider for your beu’s next do. 

1.  Put down the clippers and slowly step away! The days of military cuts are over and out (unless your shaving it off like David Beckham).  Its understandable if you like a close, clean cut look but even that doesnt require those clippers.  Try going for a more natural look and request shears over comb on your next appointment.  Ed Westwick does the sophisticated look wonderfully! Polished while maintaining a great stlye. 

2. A little length on men is awesome as well, for some men it helps to even out their profile. The problem is that most men wont put in as much effort to style so it starts to look messy (not in a good way). So hear this, good products will make a world of a difference. Best of all, they are not difficult to apply at all! Run a grooming clay or cream through your palms and brush throughout the whole head to keep control of those long cuts… We like to run our hands through your hair too fellas! James Franco is my common day James Dean and this look is hot on him!

3. Lastly, its okay to be overly stylish men. You might not maintain a look like this for long but have fun with it and see how much you like it. Zac Efrons latest style is more grown up but still has that funky look. Clean cut, long and stylish all in one. Oh, and this look definitely requires some products too!


Out with the old and in with the new fellas! Remember we’re looking too!

Author: Jackie Rodriguez

Get Rid of That UNHEALTHY Belly Fat!

I draw mostly from personal experiences and this is currently where im focusing my energy.. get fit and fab girls! Not just to look good, but to feel healthy, energized, and refreshed! Happy workouts!….

Belly fat has been shown to be just about the most harmful form of surplus fat that exists. Medical professionals all over the world are not really sure exactly why, but this type of fat has been linked to a variety of adverse health conditions.

It is no wonder then why so many of us are so keen to get rid of our belly fat. If you think that you have recently grown a little thick around the middle and would like to ust do something about it, here are three types of great routines to help you. If your need some motivation to help you realize that you need to start, know that reducing your belly fat also reduces the health threats associated with heart problems.

Here are the three (3) types of workout regimens:

· Cardio

· Core Strength, and

· Yoga

Cardio:Cardiovascular exercises will allow you to shed weight throughout the whole body. This is great since, to get rid of the fat around the belly, you need to get rid of it from just about everywhere. Generally, our bodies have a tendency to store excess fat in particular areas, largely because of our genetic makeup. Cardio routines would help reduce your body to fat percentage, which would surely help you become far healthier as well as provide you with the toned tummy that you have always desired.

The most effective cardio exercises are simply the ones that you are going to follow until you achieve the desired results. You can choose a handful of diverse routines that you take pleasure in performing, and strive to perform them for a minimum of a few hours every week.

You don’t necessarily have to be “professional” about doing these exercises, though. Some simply, everyday responsibilities can be utilized to achieve your goals. For example:

· If you happen to be interested in do-it-yourself activities, you could occupy yourself with some garage and yard projects.

· If you are fortunate to be a parent or guardian, have fun with your children in the playground, or even carry them for leisurely strolls along nature’s hiking trails.

· For those who have a dog, carry it for walks or to play “go fetch” to achieve a good workout.

· Should you favor a more sociable setting, you could become a member of some sort of group training class at your neighborhood health club, or even at an entertainment center.

Core Strength:


Different versions of these types of workouts will allow you to trim your waistline quicker. For instance, instead of performing the typical crunches, you could do up and down crunches. These are generally done resting on your back with each of your legs kept at about a 45 degree angle off the floor.

Performing leg lifts, as well as crunches, with the aid of an exercise ball will significantly improve your core strength. With exercise balls you need to be able to maintain your balance. This will usually encourage each of your primary muscle groups to become active. You would do well to remember though, when performing these routines, to engage the back muscle groups also so that some muscle proportion could be achieved.



As far as effective stress management and core strength development is concerned, it’s tough to outdo yoga in terms of results. It is effective in reducing the manufacture of stress hormones, as well as in the toning of your stomach muscles. This makes it an exceptional routine to help get rid of belly fat.

As long as our body system is stressed, it will react by trying to protect itself. This tenseness is usually caused by mental or emotional anxiety, sickness, trauma, or even the abuse of stimulant drugs. Yoga offers breathing as well as stretching routines which reduce muscle stress. It also concentrates on calm, flowing movements, thus helping to soothe the mind, reduce the heart rate, and, ultimately, reduce hypertension.

Several yoga positions are extremely effective for firming the stomach. What’s great about these postures is that they come in a variety of supine, sitting and standing up positions that encourage you to stretch your legs as well as preserve stability.

All in all, by using a consistent program involving cardio, core strengthening, and yoga, you can expect to remove significant amounts of inches from your midsection. This ultimately will result in improved overall health with the added bonus of general peacefulness.

Want To Find Out More?If you want free tips and advice on how to lose belly fat you’ll find a wide variety of diet and exercises that we’ve tested and proven to work. To start the process you need to go now and grab your free report! You could be closer than you think to losing that belly fat!Article Source:

Blogger: Jackie Rodriguez

Formally Yours Prom Dresses for NEISD High Schools

Please Join the Folawn’s Team as we take the next 2 week’s from March 9th to April 1st to Give Back…” For the Formally Your Program”

Let’s clean out our closets,and collect all those great formal and prom dresses and accessories. We particularly are in need of jewelry, purses, shoes, wraps, and new or nearly new gowns in EXCELLENT, dry-cleaned condition.

Our goal is to collect 200 dresses and accessories in the next 2 weeks .

So Lets dig in those closets and drop off all donations to:

The Spa @ Folawn’s

14353 Blanco Rd

San Antonio Tx 78216

What’s Needed: We are in need of new or nearly new gowns in EXCELLENT, dry-cleaned condition, jewelry, purses, shoes, wraps and hair accessories.

We have established donation guidelines in an effort to streamline our efforts and solicit goods that will best serve our program participants, as follows:
• Dresses MUST be from 2005 to present.
• Dresses MUST be dry-cleaned and on hangers.
• Dresses MUST be prom dresses, formal gowns, or fancy party dresses.
• Accessories MUST be stylish, clean, and in excellent condition.

We cannot accept:
• Garments that are out of style (purchased before 2005).
• Garments that have not been dry-cleaned.
• Shoes that are not in new or like-new condition.
• Opened make-up or hosiery.

For more information visit:
Tax Deductible Donations”This is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

A tax deductible donation receipt is given upon request with an itemized list of the estimated value of each item donated