Does Ethnic Background Determine “Good Hair”?

Solange, Cassie and Selita Ebanks discuss having “good hair”.

With clients that come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, I have had the opportunity to pick the brains of hundreds of women on what their definition of  GOOD HAIR is.  The final conclusion? Everyone wants/loves what they don’t have! If its curly, they want straight.  Thick or thin? Fine or coarse? It doesn’t matter what the texture or style is, most women desire the opposite.  As stylists, we see the beauty and potential in ANY head of hair and often encourage to embrace what you’ve been given (for the most part).  What do you think ladies?

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Wedding Hair Fit For a Royal Bride


Choosing the perfect wedding day hairstyle is a lot like the process of finding Mr. Right. The look has to be timeless but not boring. Fun and exciting, but not obnoxious. Comfortable but not predictable. Interesting. Dependable. And of course, it has to be hot! And with excitement about the royal wedding at fever pitch, we found several styles from 2012 Bridal Fashion Week (hey, it’s never too early to start planning!) that even Kate Middleton might find suitable.


Anne Barge | Simple Yet Statement-Making

“The hairstyle at Anne Barge was sleek and simple,” said L’Oréal Professionnel Portfolio Artist, Joseph DiMaggio. “A style like this allows the dress to do the talking and lets the bride’s natural beauty shine through. This look would be perfect for Kate Middleton, who might be bolder with her fashion choices than previous royal brides.” He recommends using L’Oréal Professionnel Freezing Mist to ensure humidity does not get the best of the style and to ensure the look lasts all night.


Carolina Herrera | Embellished Knot

“The hair of every bride should be simple and elegant,” said Yann Varin, owner of Yann Varin Salon. “The low and full knot accented with crystal embellishments that we created for the Carolina Herrera Bridal collection is perfect for brides who choose to wear a low-placed veil, which would be stunning on Kate Middleton. This style suits her understated glamour.” To achieve this look, Yann recommends using a bodifying mousse like L’Oréal Professionnel Mousse Volupté to create plenty of volume and to tame flyaways.


Badgley Mischka | Modern Twisted Chignon

“We always see Kate with her hair down, and it is clear that she feels more comfortable with a relaxed, flowing hairstyle,” said Eva Scrivo, L’Oréal Professionnel Celebrity Stylist. “However, it is more appropriate for the occasion to wear her hair up. She will be more comfortable when posing for photos and an upsweep is especially flattering with a veil. Using a light-hold hairspray, such as Infinium 2, Kate could wear a modern chignon for the ceremony, then take her hair down for an effortless look at the reception.

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Gucci Spring/Summer 2011

After falling in love with a Gucci ad in the latest issue of Bazaar i decided to see what the entire collection looked like. No surprises there, the collection is as beautiful as expected. The pieces are simple and sexy with a touch of detail to set it apart. There are plenty of neutral, nude tones but not to be left out are the bright and bold pieces that blend in due to the simplicity of the styles. Plunging neck lines, bold greens and blues, tassles for detail… even if it doesnt feel entirely ready to wear for youself, one can always draw inspiration!

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The Best Haircuts for Spring!

After season upon season seeing long, wavy, lustrous locks in every fashion corner you looked, this spring, short haircuts are finally making a comeback. From runway and magazine models to stylish girls on the street and leading ladies (even women we thought would never shed their long hair—we’re looking at you Jen Aniston!), everyone seems to be chopping it all off—into bobs, pixie cuts, and even super-daring spiky ’80s styles. We enlisted celebrity hair stylists Tracey Cunningham (she’s worked on Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, and Gwyneth Paltrow) and Danny Rishoff (he’s cut the hair of Emma Roberts, Emma Stone, and several Victoria’s Secret models) to tell us about the most desired and talked about ‘dos of the season, how to get them, and who can pull them off.

The cut: Long bob
Who has it: Jennifer Aniston
How to get it: The key to this edgy look is keeping the front pieces longer than the back. The ends should be one length though, because as Cunningham says, “This is not like the ‘Rachel.’” Since Aniston is known so much for her color as well, you might want very fine, natural highlights.
Why it works: “Jennifer has had long hair for so long, and it’s such a big change for her. It’s refreshing,” says Cunningham. “So many people follow what she does that it kind of makes everyone think, ‘oh my God! Let’s do something different!’ It’s great that she changed it up. Even someone like Brooklyn Decker—they’re friends now from the movie ‘Go With It’—and I feel like Jen inspired her [to cut her hair] too.” Cunningham says anyone with straight hair can pull off this look and adjust your part to accommodate your face. If you have curly or wavy hair you may need a straightening treatment since those clean, sharp lines are crucial to the style. You can emphasize ends by applying a little grooming cream or hair serum.
Maintenance: While this is a longer bob, Rishoff says you don’t want it to grow out too much, because it will lose all of its shape. “Any haircut that falls around the collarbone area you’ll want to cut about every six weeks,” he says.

The cut: Shattered bob
Who has it: Scarlett Johansson
How to get it: This feminine style involves layers and textured ends. Ask for a shattered bob, bring in photos, and settle on a length that works for you.
Why it works: “I think it’s a great change for Scarlett and nice for the spring,” says Cunningham. Johansson was known for her long layers, but short ones are equally sexy, and can be flattering on anyone. “You have to have some dimension so this would be a great haircut for someone who already has wavy hair,” she says. If your hair is wavy air-drying is the way to go, but you can use a texturizing spray and a blowdryer to pump it up. If you’re curling hair, just focus on the middle of your strands down, leaving the ends out for an undone look.
Maintenance: Cunningham says the great thing about wavy hair and this style in particular, is that roots aren’t pin straight so your color upkeep won’t be as bad. Rishoff says to cut hair every six weeks to keep ends crisp and healthy.

The cut: Pixie
Who has it: Halle Berry
How to get it: Rishoff says to bring your courage and a photo into the salon and ask for a choppy pixie with a little extra length on top.
Why it works: “I mean honestly, I don’t want to spell it out for you, but you have to be drop dead gorgeous,” says Cunningham. “It’s such a great look, but you really have to be striking.” Berry looked pretty with long hair in recent years, but she really owns this haircut. With all your hair out of your face, you’ll need to rock this look, loud and proud. Another important tip: keep short hair all one color to avoid the leopard-spotted look when your roots grow in. Frequent washes and maybe a little styling balm on the ends is all you need for day-to-day grooming.
Maintenance: Rishoff says you’ll need trims “all the time,” which is why this works for a celebrity like Berry who has on-call stylists.

The cut: Messy crop
Who has it: Brooklyn Decker
How to get it: This style is short with many layers. Discuss a good base length with your stylist that will flatter your face and that you’ll feel comfortable with, and go from there, adding some short pieces up front that can act as a bang.
Why it works: “She’s a supermodel and can do whatever she wants, but lots of women are doing the same thing,” says Cunningham. “Without a doubt in my mind, women will be cutting off their hair this season. She’s probably going to grow it out, but it’s almost like a rite of passage sometimes. Maybe you’re going through something and you need to cut it all off.” Ahem, Emma Watson. Cunningham says the best candidates for this style are ladies with fine hair, because it makes it look a little thicker and creates more volume. Depending on your mood you can air dry hair or style it by using a texturizing spray and blowdrying using your fingers.
Maintenance: With hair this length, Rishoff says you’ll need trims every six weeks or less, but Cunningham says the shaggier style means you can go a little longer between color touch-ups.

The cut: Layered bob
Who has it: Jessica Alba
How to get it: If you’re going short and want something less dramatic, ask for a few long layers to be added in to your bob, including a few to frame your face.
Why it works: Cunningham says this is a great switch-up from long hair that lies limp, and that Alba still looks hot. She also points out that short hair does not have to be boring. “Highlights soften up the look and can give it more dimension,” says Cunningham. Add some coppery highlights like Alba, or whatever color most flatters your ‘do. If it gets too light she says your stylist can easily apply a gloss over your hair to bring the color down. A little shine spray amps up the look.
Maintenance: Since this is less blunt than the long bob it will grow out more naturally, but a trim every six weeks will keep hair looking fresh.

The cut: Precision haircut
Who has it: Kate Winslet
How to get it: Rishoff says to make sure your stylist leaves hair long on top and in the front to receive this Vidal Sassoon-inspired look. Color wise, Cunningham says this is “way too extreme for an average person to keep up. Stick with your natural color, or add some highlights.”
Why it works: “It’s a pretty drastic change for someone who has longer hair,” says Rishoff. “This is a nice haircut because the bangs are long enough that you have styling options. You can wear it back or swooped like a long side bang. It’s not like Halle Berry’s hair where it can really only be worn one way.” To get that volume on top, apply some mousse on wet hair before blow drying. Cunningham notes that this may not be the most versatile look for Winslet in terms of roles, so make sure if you have any big events coming up that your haircut will suit your needs.
Maintenance: Rishoff says if the back of your hair is short and really graduated you’ll need a cut every four to six weeks, but if it’s a little shaggier in the back and sides that you could go a little longer.

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