RESET: The End is Near… Make it Count!

The End is Near… Make it Count!
With 2011 coming to a close, you didn’t actually think we wouldn’t let it end without throwing one last big event before the end of the year, did you?
“RESET” your health… It’s as easy as 1,2,3

The new year is just around the corner, which means it’s time for a whole new you—a healthier, fitter you. Sure, you might have set these goals before, but losing those extra pounds has never been easier or healthier, because this time you have the RESET™ weight-management program.

Designed by USANA scientists, the RESET program and USANA’s Foods are optimally balanced to give you a head start on healthy weight loss. With the 5-Day RESET™ Kit, you can lose up to five pounds in just five days, without depriving your body of the nutrients it needs.*

To help you get going, pick up a limited edition RESET™ Fueling Fit BlenderBottle®† so that every sip will remind you of your goals. A support group is also a good idea to keep the motivation flowing—visit to find out how to host your own Reset Challenge

Be sure to pick up your RESET Kits now so you and your friends can join in on RESET week, which will run January 3–8, 2012. And although the Transform Phase is still a few weeks away, take advantage of the limited-time gourmet Orange Crème Nutrimeal™ and stock up before it’s all gone.

To hear stories of success and to share your experiences, check out What’s Up USANA?. Check out future  blogs they promise to fill you with yummy low-glycemic meal ideas, fitness tips, and more.

Jumpstart your healthy eating habits and kick your cravings to the curb. Join in on RESET week and get ready to fuel your fit in 2012!

Call or come by to pick up your kits today…  #2010-408-0101

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We’re so proud of our Friend, and one of our most talented guest of Folawns “Jennifer Allen” for writing and producing such a marvelous and much needed book, videos. We all continue to stand in Awe of this, beautiful and amazing women.