Help Empower Girls – It’s time for the 2012 “My Princess and Me” Event

My Princess and Me Logo As we approach the final quarter of 2012, we really turn our focus to our great event that gives back to the community – the Ninth Annual”My Princess and Me”  which is slated for Sunday, October 21, 2012 at Granberry Hill.
What is it?
The My Princess & Me Event is an event created to raise funds for St. Peter/ St. Joseph’s Children’s Home. Created in 2004 by Terry Folawn and her daughter Hailee, Princess & Me has raised a total of $85,000. We have gone from 100 participants to a total of 500 last year. This year we are anticipating 700 participants.  My Princess & Me is one of the only charity events that allow you to involve your child. It is a chance for mothers and daughters to support a need in our community and have a magical day in the process. My Princess & Me offers mothers and daughters a chance to live a fantasy, while making the dreams of underprivileged children come true.

Girls arrive in their princess gowns with Mother, Step Mothers, Aunt or Grandmother. The princesses then receive a special magical treat of hair design and makeup from our very talented fairies. Following, the Princesses dine on cake and punch with their mom.

Then off to a fairytale photo with their Mother or a picture of themselves to remember this special day. It’s a magical event to see hundreds of little girls of all ages have a fairytale day spent with their Mothers and new friend Princesses.

This Royal event wouldn’t be complete without dancing. Princesses will all gather together and dance to great music with girls from the Royal Court.
How can I help?
Pre-sale tickets are on sale at Folawn’s for $25 for the first 100 tickets. Please call (210) 481-0101 to order. Also, visit our website at