Aveda How-to: Create Dreamy Braids


Don’t burn your hair with the Blow dryer,Flat iron & or Curling iron…


An important tip worth passing on. Your blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron can make your hair look great.

But if you misuse those tools or have the wrong ones, your hair may look like it’s ready for a lengthy stint in hair rehab.
1. Buy Good Tools
Hair styling tools don’t have to cost a fortune. But they do need basic features,
Look for tools that offer different heat settings. “The cheaper ones have just one setting,”
Check to see if your tool displays heat temperatures. For instance, some hair irons can be dialed to a variety of heat settings, from 175 or so to nearly 400. (The 400-degree setting is “definitely too high” )
2.Don’t touch your hair with the nozzle. That’s right, get close to the hair, but don’t ever let the nozzle touch your hair. You will torch the poor cuticle.
That’s all there is to it. Rough drying, round brushing, whatever it is. Keep a little space between the nozzle and the hair.

3. Protect your Hair from the Heat

There are hair products made to protect your hair from the heat of dryers, curling irons, or flat irons. Many of them use silicone as a protective coating for your hair.

4. Study Styling Technique

A little professional advice never hurts. Ask your hair stylist to go over how to style your hair, even if you’ve done it yourself for years.The stylist may be able to show you shortcuts, or newer techniques. Set up a separate appointment, or ask in advance for some extra time at your next visit. That will give your stylist time to work with you.

Easy Breezy Hair Styles- Get Ready for Summer

Folawn’s #3 Get Ready for Summer Idea

1. Tousled style is sexy year-round, and now you have the warm, humid air to help enhance your natural texture. To get the look, divide damp hair into three sections and loosely braid each. Unravel your locks when they’re dry, then set your waves with a texturizing spray.

2. Not only does a braid look chic for summer it also keeps your hair contained tightly from harsh rays from the sun. Shampoo & condition and add a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen to protect the hair from the sun’s harsh rays. Fasten with a snag free elastic band. An extra bonus: your hair will look fabulous for the party after the sun goes down. Take the braid out and shake your hair. Beautiful, instant waves without the fuss.

3.Everybody loves—and loves to wear—ponytails (unless you’ve got a cute pixie cut, of course). But we bet you didn’t realize how many different versions of this classic style are out there. Here is a sweet and laid-back rocking this low pony with natural texture.

At-Home Tip: You don’t want your part to be too perfect. Let you hair fall somewhat along the center and then pull it back.

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With Spring Break In Mind Check Out This Great Beachy Texture


Beachy Texture is a salon look you can create yourself at home with the right Aveda products and techniques. In this video Allen Ruiz shows you how.




Fall/Winter 2011 Trend Guide: The Season’s Must-Have Looks

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As quickly as summer arrived, it’s on its way out just as fast. Soon, salons will be handling requests from their clients for fresh fall looks and they’ll need to deliver. Here, top stylists Jason Backe, Jennifer J., Ted Gibson, Yann Varin and Amit Abraham share their take on the hottest trends for fall, citing the catwalk and the red carpet as inspiration.

Want to see what’s new for the upcoming season? Take a look at what they consider to be the most-coveted styles for fall.

Gold tones and honey hues are the fast-growing favorite colors for the upcoming season to brighten and complement just about every complexion. Whether they’re used to frame the face or placed just at the hairline and crown, this upcoming seasons’ must-have hue will make every complexion radiant.

L’Oréal Professionnel Celebrity Colorist Jason Backe, who colors the locks of Brooklyn Decker and Ashley Greene, is seeing golden hues among young starlets that enhance their natural color. “This Fall will be a gold rush!” he says. “From honey and amber to chestnut and maple, tones of gold will be featured in hair color.
Jason’s favorite honey hues: L’Oréal Professionnel INOA shades: 7.34, 5.35, 9.3 or 8.34

“Blondes this fall will also favor very warm honey tones with the lightest shades of gold around the hairline and crown of the head,” adds celebrity colorist Jennifer J. “This creates a halo of light that will make any complexion glow, similar to what I have done with January Jones.”

This fall, classic updos take on modern twists when downtown girls take on uptown looks. Hair is swept up in modern styles to suit the downtown crowd. The key—manipulate volume, whether at the crown or in a chunky chignon, or weave in fabric for extra texture.The result—a sophisticated, classic, uptown style that is fresh, refined and downtown chic.

At the Fall/Winter Bibhu Mohapatra presentation, Lead Hairstylist for L’Oréal Professionnel Yann Varin created sleek and clean lines for an updo that complemented the commitment to the style and form seen in Mohapatra’s newest collection. “Often hair on the runway is not given as much attention as the clothing. Hair that is left down seems too simple and easy,” says Yann.

L’Oréal Professionnel Portfolio Artist Amit Abraham designed the signature runway style at the Elene Cassis show: a sleek parted look from the front with a voluminous knot in the back. “I was inspired by the textures that Elene used in her collection,” says Amit. “The style we created looked well-defined and linear from the front while supple in the back. These two mimic the assertive yet sensuous Elene Cassis female.”

L’Oréal Professionnel Celebrity Stylist Ted Gibson created the bohemian-chic braids at the Rachel Roy presentation. “Weaving fabrics from the collection into the models’ hair brought to life Rachel’s muse—the urban nomad,” explains Ted. “The look has a young, downtown bohemian feel. It’s a new modern twist on the classic bohemian braid.”

Pixie cuts are the perfect no fuss, no muss ‘do.

The perfect no fuss…

In the homestretch of summer, chlorine-soaked, sun-fried locks can start looking less than lustrous. (At a certain point, that “tousled beach waves” look you’re going for just turns to tangles.) Aveda’s Damage Remedy Leave in Conditioner  is a between-trims fix for limp hair that’s been battered by whether or overzealous heat styling.  Work it through wet hair before blow-drying or smooth a dab over dried-out ends after styling; either way, the conditioner reconstructs and boosts moisture without leaving strands feeling sticky.

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