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The world has been changing permanently

The world has been changing permanently and today there is a period of fast life rhythm that requires from the modern men and women great pains and power in order to exist in this world. The rhythm of big cities, stresses, hard working hours, all these things take our beauty and affect our health. That is why at The Spa @ Folawn’s we have created “The Oasis Treatment “ taking into account shortage of time of their guest and the need to enjoy their time.

The Oasis Treatment

Oasis Spa Day ( All in only takes 90 mins )

FACIAL (Choose one of the following 90 minute  facial treatments)
A- Elemental Nature Facial ($95)
B- Enbrightenment Treatment ($95)
C- Green Science Facial ($135)

MANICURE (Choose one of the following manicures)
A- Elemental Nature Manicure ($38)
B- Shellac Manicure ($40)
C- Green Science Hand Treatment ($45)

PEDICURE (Choose one of the following pedicures)
A- Elemental Nature Pedicure ($58)
B- Caribbean Thereapy Pedicure ($60)
C- Chakra Pedicure ($65)

To Schedule Your Appointment call:
210-408-0101 or  to Book On Line


Nail Trend!!!

Going creative with our nails has definitely been IN this year and we’re loving it! From the no chip Shellac craze, to bright neons, to multi colored nails, being bold and different is the main theme here (check the archives for more nail trends).  Now to add a few tricks to your bag try these, Sally Hansen Nail Strips… no time for a manicure? No worries, just press and go! They come in a great variety of colors, patterns, and prints which you could find in the beauty department of your local grocery store.  Your sure to find a match that fits your personality.  Enjoy!


Go Bold or Go Home!


This season have fun with your nails by adding some funky colors. Try an unusually bold hue or enhance your outfit with neon shades. By using a white or pale polish as a base coat you can enhance any neon tone according to Katy Perry’s nail tech. Or you can shake things up by doing a different color on a few fingers like Vannesa Hudgens above. We’ve been going bold and loving it!

Author: Jaymee Moreno

Shellac and Last!

Tired of your polish chipping three days after your manicure?? Say hello to Shellac! It is a quality polish application that has a beautiful, glossy finish and lasts up to 14 days! Thats right ladies no annoying peeling or chipping for two weeks.  The system includes a base coat, color coat, and top coat that set under a UV light and dries completely within seconds.  Applied like polish, wears like gel, and removes with no drilling or harsh chemicals…. whats NOT to LOVE?!  Although limited in salons offering this application you can get your Shellac manicure for $40 at The Spa @ Folawn’s now.

See what celebrities are jumping on the Shellac bandwagon below…

Author: Jackie Rodriguez