Simply Beautiful….. and Simple

This is a perfect example of when less is more. For any lady who has ever struggled with a daytime makeup application, this is your savior! With just a few tools you can make your face look refreshed and pretty all day. I personally think these should be in every gals makeup bag. A soft pink gloss, bronzer/soft pink blush, mascara, and an iridescent cream will take just minutes to apply and is super easy for touch ups! Apply a little bronzer anywhere that the sun would naturally hit your face and a cream in the corner of your eyes to open them up, now some color to your lips and lengthening mascara will finish this off. Try it out and see how easy and fun this is!
My picks: Pink Lotus Rehydrating Lip Glaze, Uruku Bronzing Kit, Aurora Petal Essence Eye Color all by Aveda

Author:Jackie Rodriguez

Shellac and Last!

Tired of your polish chipping three days after your manicure?? Say hello to Shellac! It is a quality polish application that has a beautiful, glossy finish and lasts up to 14 days! Thats right ladies no annoying peeling or chipping for two weeks.  The system includes a base coat, color coat, and top coat that set under a UV light and dries completely within seconds.  Applied like polish, wears like gel, and removes with no drilling or harsh chemicals…. whats NOT to LOVE?!  Although limited in salons offering this application you can get your Shellac manicure for $40 at The Spa @ Folawn’s now.

See what celebrities are jumping on the Shellac bandwagon below…

Author: Jackie Rodriguez

David Wagner Faces of Cancer

Comment: David Wagner is not only one of the great  leaders in our industry, but truly inspirational Human Being as well. In 2009-2010 he was faced with the horrific news from his Doctor, that he had stage 4 cancer.David had the foresight to document his journey so he may someday share it with the world.Today David is Cancer Free! 🙂

Thank you David for sharing your journey with us, so we that we too may all find the courage in troubled time to KEEP MOVING FORWARD…

Aveda Pro Stylist Tips: Everyday Volume for Medium-Textured Hair

Comment: One of the most common questions we hear…”How do I style  my hair at home”, so that it looks as good as it does, after getting it styled at Folawn’s.

‘No Tipping – Could it Work in Your Business?

Chances are an individual’s opinion of a cosmetology professional is not likely the same that they have towards a degreed professional. Some of the differentiation may come from the caveat that “professionals”, in the traditional sense (i.e. lawyers, doctors, etc.) do not receive “tips”. But it is important for the general public to know that, not only are cosmetologists very talented, skilled, artistic, and passionate individuals, they are also professionals committed to changing people’s lives.

Tipping in the beauty industry, started in the early 30’s & 40’s when housewives performed hair services in their kitchens for pennies on the dollar. For example, perms can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, and when only charging menial fees, a tip was greatly appreciated. Well, jumping into the 21st century, beauty practitioners have skyrocketed from practicing in their kitchen, to practicing at multi-million dollar facilities all over the nation.

In order to practice cosmetology, you have to obtain a license and be recognized by the state, meet certain requirements, and uphold certain standards according to the facility you practice in.

The beauty industry is a very lucrative and exciting field where opportunity for success and financial well-being never cease. “To insure proper” service, also known as “tip” is widely practiced tradition in our industry even today. This tradition is being challenged by some salons who feel it is not needed to ensure “proper service” or adequate compensation.

Here are some benefits for both the consumer and the business on creating a “no tipping policy”:

• “No longer suffering from “Tip Anxiety.” Do I pull out my wallet and give her a gratuity? I gave one to the woman who shampooed me earlier, but should I have done that? And how much should I tip, anyway? Some percentage of my bill? A flat five bucks? More? Do I put the money in her hand? Or place it on the counter of her work station? And what if I don’t have exact change? Can I add a tip to my credit card receipt? Or stick a note in an envelope that says she’ll find a tip later in the day under a rock at the northwest corner of 16th and K?”1

• “First of all, is tipping a reward for good service or protection against bad service? Is paying a tip a way to buy something you should be getting for free (good service) or is it a way to guarantee that something bad won’t happen to you? If it’s the latter, we’re getting uncomfortably close to extortion.”1

• In a study, when consumers didn’t have to tip, more retail products were purchased, where retail = retention, with statistics saying that clients who purchased one product had a 30% return rate, two products increases to 60%, and 3 products increases to a 90% return rate.

Business & Technician
• “We’re professionals,” he said. “We charge according to the value of our services.” 1
• Technician’s overall feel prouder now that they are treated as professionals.
• The business no longer has to claim a greater income on credit card tips, that actually wasn’t received, as they were paid to the technician.
• Less taxes paid on income.
• Less bank trips for change to refill cash drawers, therefore making deposits easier and fewer mistakes on cash drawers.
• Profit & Loss Accuracy.
• Receptionist no longer feels intimidated or pressured by consumer and technician and don’t get blamed for a small tip or no tip.
• Referrals increase due to consumer wanting to thank them.
• National average wage for cosmetologist increases, due to accurate claiming of salaries, thus creating more of a desire to enter the profession.

Although tipping has long since been a staple in the Cosmetology industry, it may be an outdated practice. There are ways and benefits of creating a “no tipping” approach in your salon or spa!
Author:Terry Folawn

Aveda Pro Stylist Tips: All Day Straight Hair

Check out this great YouTube video on “How to Have Straight Hair All Day“. We hope it helps, all of you out there with the …YIKES! “I can never get my hair straight enough “.

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