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Growing Out Those Annoying Bangs?

Okay ladies we’ve all dealt with this before and its okay! You decide its time for a change but nothing too permanent, what do you do? Run to your stylist, the shop down the street, or even your kitchen to grab those shears and give yourself some fun new bangs! Its fun and exciting….. for about three weeks then your ready to grow them out. This is the miserable part, lucky for you we’re here to ease the pain. Here, a few tips on how to style and manage your bangs until they’re past that annoying phase.

1.) The first method is to camoflouge, a great way to do this is with a little creativity and some bobby pins. Try sectioning off your fringe and braiding it across your hairline like a headband. If your not great at braiding you can twist it in the same manner and pin it down with some hidden pins like Jennifer Aniston. Twisting your locks is not a tough task but if your really style challenged simply sweep it off to the side, use a strong spray (Aveda’s Control Force is great) and again secure with a bobby pin. This will keep your hair out of your eyes and still allow you to rock a super cute style!

2.) Ask your stlyist to shape and texturize! Many times we’re so anxious to get the length back that we just let them grow out with no regard to how bulky they might look. Reshaping the bang area at an angle and adding some texture will allow them to sweep across more fluidly. Vanessa Hudgnes does a great job with making this look soft and natural.

3.) Who says a ponytail cant be stylish?! Use hairspray and a teasing comb to create some volume in the fringe. Lightly sweep your hair back and tie a low ponytail, or even off to one side for a more flirty look. Keep it messy as if you effortlessly pulled it back like Ms. Hudgens or polish it a little more like Jessica Alba.

I say it all the time and i’ll say it again… PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! So play with these ideas and you can continue experimenting with different looks minus the fear of the grow out process! Enjoy

Author: Jackie Rodriguez