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Easy Breezy Hair Styles- Get Ready for Summer

Folawn’s #3 Get Ready for Summer Idea

1. Tousled style is sexy year-round, and now you have the warm, humid air to help enhance your natural texture. To get the look, divide damp hair into three sections and loosely braid each. Unravel your locks when they’re dry, then set your waves with a texturizing spray.

2. Not only does a braid look chic for summer it also keeps your hair contained tightly from harsh rays from the sun. Shampoo & condition and add a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen to protect the hair from the sun’s harsh rays. Fasten with a snag free elastic band. An extra bonus: your hair will look fabulous for the party after the sun goes down. Take the braid out and shake your hair. Beautiful, instant waves without the fuss.

3.Everybody loves—and loves to wear—ponytails (unless you’ve got a cute pixie cut, of course). But we bet you didn’t realize how many different versions of this classic style are out there. Here is a sweet and laid-back rocking this low pony with natural texture.

At-Home Tip: You don’t want your part to be too perfect. Let you hair fall somewhat along the center and then pull it back.

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Easy Breazy Beachy Waves!!

Heres a quick alternative to your usual curls. Whether you have a regular curling iron or the new Curling Wand, there is no need for clamping any more. Just wrap a 2-3 inch section of hair around your iron, count to 3, and let go. When done with full head of hair, shake, tossel, and admire those sexy waves!!

Author: Jaymee Moreno

Listen Up Men! We Look at Your Hair Too

Men always have such direct and strong opinions as to what they would like their significant others hair to look like.  As a stylist i see how important this is to wives, fiances and girlfriends everyday.  Well you know what guys? We have our opinions too!  Here’s a few things to consider for your beu’s next do. 

1.  Put down the clippers and slowly step away! The days of military cuts are over and out (unless your shaving it off like David Beckham).  Its understandable if you like a close, clean cut look but even that doesnt require those clippers.  Try going for a more natural look and request shears over comb on your next appointment.  Ed Westwick does the sophisticated look wonderfully! Polished while maintaining a great stlye. 

2. A little length on men is awesome as well, for some men it helps to even out their profile. The problem is that most men wont put in as much effort to style so it starts to look messy (not in a good way). So hear this, good products will make a world of a difference. Best of all, they are not difficult to apply at all! Run a grooming clay or cream through your palms and brush throughout the whole head to keep control of those long cuts… We like to run our hands through your hair too fellas! James Franco is my common day James Dean and this look is hot on him!

3. Lastly, its okay to be overly stylish men. You might not maintain a look like this for long but have fun with it and see how much you like it. Zac Efrons latest style is more grown up but still has that funky look. Clean cut, long and stylish all in one. Oh, and this look definitely requires some products too!


Out with the old and in with the new fellas! Remember we’re looking too!

Author: Jackie Rodriguez

Growing Out Those Annoying Bangs?

Okay ladies we’ve all dealt with this before and its okay! You decide its time for a change but nothing too permanent, what do you do? Run to your stylist, the shop down the street, or even your kitchen to grab those shears and give yourself some fun new bangs! Its fun and exciting….. for about three weeks then your ready to grow them out. This is the miserable part, lucky for you we’re here to ease the pain. Here, a few tips on how to style and manage your bangs until they’re past that annoying phase.

1.) The first method is to camoflouge, a great way to do this is with a little creativity and some bobby pins. Try sectioning off your fringe and braiding it across your hairline like a headband. If your not great at braiding you can twist it in the same manner and pin it down with some hidden pins like Jennifer Aniston. Twisting your locks is not a tough task but if your really style challenged simply sweep it off to the side, use a strong spray (Aveda’s Control Force is great) and again secure with a bobby pin. This will keep your hair out of your eyes and still allow you to rock a super cute style!

2.) Ask your stlyist to shape and texturize! Many times we’re so anxious to get the length back that we just let them grow out with no regard to how bulky they might look. Reshaping the bang area at an angle and adding some texture will allow them to sweep across more fluidly. Vanessa Hudgnes does a great job with making this look soft and natural.

3.) Who says a ponytail cant be stylish?! Use hairspray and a teasing comb to create some volume in the fringe. Lightly sweep your hair back and tie a low ponytail, or even off to one side for a more flirty look. Keep it messy as if you effortlessly pulled it back like Ms. Hudgens or polish it a little more like Jessica Alba.

I say it all the time and i’ll say it again… PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! So play with these ideas and you can continue experimenting with different looks minus the fear of the grow out process! Enjoy

Author: Jackie Rodriguez

How to Create a Fun and Messy Chignon

Whether you’re running late or have last minute dinner plans, this look is perfect and easy!

The steps are easy. All you will need is a teasing brush or finetooth comb, bobby pins, elastic bands, and hairspray..duh!

Step 1- After creating a deep side part, sweep all of your hair into an elastic either on the side or low center. (It’s okay if your hair is straight or curly, it just creates a different look)

Step 2- Lightly backcomb your hair to add body and provide padding for the bobby pins.

Step3- Twist hair around elastic; remember messy is good so it doesn’t need to be perfect!

Step 4- Secure the hair with bobby pins

Step 5- Spray with Control Force and go have fun!!!

Happy Hair Day,

Oh, For the Love of Blondes…Keep it Looking Fresh!


One trick to keep your blonde looking fresh no matter what hue, is to use color shampoos and conditioners. This is the easiest way to maintain your color or highlights at home. Aveda makes two different lines for blondes: Blue Malva and Camomile. Both are very different so listen carefully!!

Blue Malva enhances blonde hair by cancelling out any brassy tones. For instance, if you have naturally dark hair like Jennifer Lopez, this is your savior! Darker hair usually lifts no further that yellow, in some cases orange. The purplish pigment in both shampoo and conditioner help keep it from looking unfinished after your toner has faded. Blue Malva also helps to keep lighter shades of blonde looking neutral (see Colbie Caillats picture above). If you’re googoo for Gaga, Blue Malva will keep your platinum from yellowing.

Uses: My trick is the darker the blonde the more often you can use. Also, only use one or the other. The shampoo has less pigment than the conditioner. Basically, if you’re platinum and shampooing every other day, use the shampoo once a week. When I am highlighted I use it everyday since my hair is so dark.

Camomile enhances blondes by adding golden hues as well as adding shine. If you’re looking for Kate Hudson’s beautiful color, then you’ll want to pick this up.

Uses: Again, only use the shampoo or conditioner. I never recommend this for naturally darker haired clients because you’re hair most likely already has a golden hue to it. In general, Camomile is much more potent, so i recommend using it only once every two weeks.

Happy Hair Day,
For more information you can visit Aveda.com

Grammy Hair Color Faves!

From natural to fashion forward here’s my favorite hair color from this year’s Grammy’s:

Keri Hilson:

Dramatic and daring, this hair is amazing! This is fashion forward perfection. The precise asymmetric cut’s proportions are so well balanced. The color is wicked cool. The brilliant blonde is even better with the offset of a warm brown backdrop underneath. Love!

Florence Welch:

Red hair always seems to have a special place in my heart and while the style is questionable, the color is spot on beautiful. The tone is natural, but the vibrancy of it gives her an edge.

Kim Kardashian:

The girls’ hair always looks great, but she’s added some piece-y honey brown highlights and I’m loving it. The contrast between her highlights and base is subtle, yet the size of them gives a dramatic overall effect.

Draw some inspiration from these girls and revamp your do!

Author: Brooke Bielefeldt