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Listen Up Men! We Look at Your Hair Too

Men always have such direct and strong opinions as to what they would like their significant others hair to look like.  As a stylist i see how important this is to wives, fiances and girlfriends everyday.  Well you know what guys? We have our opinions too!  Here’s a few things to consider for your beu’s next do. 

1.  Put down the clippers and slowly step away! The days of military cuts are over and out (unless your shaving it off like David Beckham).  Its understandable if you like a close, clean cut look but even that doesnt require those clippers.  Try going for a more natural look and request shears over comb on your next appointment.  Ed Westwick does the sophisticated look wonderfully! Polished while maintaining a great stlye. 

2. A little length on men is awesome as well, for some men it helps to even out their profile. The problem is that most men wont put in as much effort to style so it starts to look messy (not in a good way). So hear this, good products will make a world of a difference. Best of all, they are not difficult to apply at all! Run a grooming clay or cream through your palms and brush throughout the whole head to keep control of those long cuts… We like to run our hands through your hair too fellas! James Franco is my common day James Dean and this look is hot on him!

3. Lastly, its okay to be overly stylish men. You might not maintain a look like this for long but have fun with it and see how much you like it. Zac Efrons latest style is more grown up but still has that funky look. Clean cut, long and stylish all in one. Oh, and this look definitely requires some products too!


Out with the old and in with the new fellas! Remember we’re looking too!

Author: Jackie Rodriguez